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 Ontdek Gorredijk 

What to do?

Rinsma Fashion Square

When you think of Gorredijk, you soon think of Rinsma. The more than 130-year-old family business is now one of the largest fashion stores in the Netherlands. And you will find all that in the heart of Gorredijk. With plenty of parking space in front of the door, a good bus connection, accessibility on foot and by bike, you can visit this popular fashion house in every way. 


Toeristen magazine

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Ieder jaar maakt Rinsma Modeplein een magazine speciaal voor toeristen. Hierin staan alle highlights van Gorredijk en de nabije omgeving die je niet mag missen!

Zij van rinsma

With 250 fashion brands spread over 4 floors, you will not be bored here easily. Inspiring fashion and professionals who think along with you about the best clothing choice for you. And if you want to be assured of the best advice, you can even book a personal shopper. 


hij van rinsma

There is also plenty of choice for men. Since 2015 there is a complete fashion store for men's clothing with more than 80 fashion brands and shoes. And even for a fresh haircut or well-shaven beard you can visit the house barber who is present every week. 

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Qulotte Lingerie & Swimwear

Your lingerie and underwear can also be beautiful. And let Qutotte have the perfect range for you. With more than 15 brands of swim and lingerie fashion, you have a wide choice. For ladies and gentlemen.


eat Drink

You take the time to shop for clothes and that includes catering. At the recently opened terrace on the Turfroute, De Tuinkamer, you can enjoy a meal and drink. Inside you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at De Balustrade. This way you can reminisce about your shopping experience in Gorredijk, but also think about whether you have finished shopping or whether you still want to do a round.


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