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 Ontdek Gorredijk 

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Gorredijk back in time

Meet Chris, expert in the field of history about Gorredijk, Chris Bruinsma, takes you once in a while in a piece of history about the village. How did the current sports clubs come about? How did the local swimming facility start? And how have some entrepreneurs become a household name in Gorredijk and the surrounding area? You can read it in this special item 'Gorredijk back in time'.

Hi, I'm Chris Bruinsma, I'm currently 16 years old and I write articles about the history of Gorredijk for VisitGorredijk.

Gorredijk and its history have interested me for a long time, I don't know why, it could be because my parents and Beppe (grandma) always told nice stories about the past. Photography and film are also a great hobby of mine, I capture everything from Gorredijk, not only the well-known streets, but also the residential areas. All this, together with photos of demolition and new construction, historical photos and events I will put all in books. 

I do all of this for later, because then we look at those photos and movies the same way we look at 1950s photos now.

For my stories I visit old 'Gordyksters' who have many stories and photos, which often results in beautiful stories!

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Would you like to know more about the history of Gorredijk?

On the website you will find all information about the history of Gorredijk and its surroundings. About how Gorredijk originated as a trading village until the merger of Gorredijk with the village of Kortezwaag. But you can also read about well-known Gordyksters who have meant something to the village. And would you rather go out and see it with your own eyes? Then a visit to Museum Opsterlân is the best thing to do during your visit to Gorredijk.


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 Ontdek Gorredijk 

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