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 Ontdek Gorredijk 

What to do?

Mountain biking

In Gorredijk you can start with various mountain bike routes in the forests of Beetsterzwaag, Drachten and surroundings. We are happy to tell you more about these challenging mountain bike routes.


Pick-up point Sportcentrum Kortezwaag

In Gorredijk is the starting point of MTB-Veldroute Opsterland. This extra loop is an addition to the Bosroute in Beetsterzwaag. At Sportcentrum Kortezwaag you can park your car in the spacious parking lot and follow the red route by means of the characteristic mountain bike signs. The red route then joins the MTB route A7 in Beetsterzwaag and then continues as the green Bosroute.


The red Field Route Opsterland starts in Gorredijk and leads you along the historic Turf Route. You cycle through elongated landscapes along water, meadows and finally forest. Along the way you cycle on paved roads, sandy paths, gravel and shell paths.

forest route beetsterzwaag

Eventually, from Gorredijk, you reach the green route in Beetsterzwaag via the red loop.  Here the route goes over historic estates that used to be owned by Frisian Adel families. The Bosroute runs through the wooded landscape of Beetsterzwaag and has many singletrack trails.


Every now and then you will encounter a nice technical challenge such as a 'drop off' and some challenging turns. Occasionally you drive on asphalt to get to another part of the route. Here you share the route with other road users. For the most part, the route follows its own path and you will not be bothered by fellow road users. The route is also easy to cycle for any mountain biker.


The green route in Beetsterzwaag runs through the wooded area where the Frisian Nobility used to have a major influence. This loop is the most beautiful part of the complete mountain bike route through the many singletracks, challenging obstacles and surroundings

Field route Smallingerland

From the Bosroute Beetsterzwaag you will eventually reach another intersection where you can opt for an extra loop. The blue route leads through Drachten towards the Smalle Ee and Boornbergum. You can also connect to the blue route from the red route. As long as you keep following the signs, you will always end up where you started. The Blue route has beautiful singletracks and surprising challenges when it comes to technical movements. 


If you have cycled all the loops you will come to a total of about 60-65 kilometers. A nice round and definitely worth it. In Gorredijk you can relax on a terrace after the time and then cycle back within 5 minutes to the boarding point at Sportcentrum Kortezwaag.

Additional information

Before you go mountain biking in the Gorredijk area, there are a number of things that are useful to know:

  • You need a Vignette from Natuurmonumenten for this route. By purchasing the vignette you contribute financially to the maintenance of the route and it can also be used properly in the future. The website can be found

  • Sometimes maintenance takes place on the route. It may be that some parts of the route are partially or completely closed. To avoid disappointment, there is a website where all information can be

  • Cycling on the route is allowed from sunrise to sunset.

  • Walkers always have right of way at intersections!

  • Do not leave any waste behind and take any waste that you encounter with you. In this way we keep nature tidy for everyone.

  • Do not stray from the paths. These have been specially constructed to avoid confrontation with other forest visitors.

Total roadmap


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